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2011-11-10 00:06:41 Hey,

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W, what? Okonomiyaki.

When I went to Hiroshima,
saw this in one of the stores. (laugh)
“If you like me, say you like me!”
That is…so cute. ←

A tsundere relationship…?

I said this before,
my halloween costume was a maid costume.
Many people told me on twitter to post it on blog,
so here it is.
…though, I was embarassed to the max.
Sorry about that. ←

leaving other members behind,
I’ll be heading to Osaka tomorrow!
What kind of Drums Seminar, would it be?
Uwah, I’m really looking forward to it!
I hope they’d come to like drums.
If you like it, say you like it, okay? (lol)
See you guys at the seminar☆


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2011-11-09 01:29:08 Alone

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Today, I work seperately from others.
First of all, GiGS Magazine!

GiGS’ front cover design
is always looks cool, don’t you think?
It always catches my eyes in a bookstore.
In this month’s issue,
there’s a page where MAMI talks about guitar amps and its tone color too!
I read it twice!←
And, there’s also my page.
This month’s Pick-up Drummer is…
that person.
Of all drummers I have met so far,
he has the biggest difference between when he was playing and when he was not. (laugh)
A funny person.

Next, to the studio!

This will be a rehearsal for my first drum seminar on tenth this month.

Looks pretty good.
It looks like it’s gonna be fun.
People’s gonna look at the drums from up close, this kind of opportunity doesn’t come everyday.
Kinda make me nervous but,
I hope everyone will be excited!
Osaka, I’m coming!


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2011-11-09 01:26:01 Sapporo.

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It’s a bit late but, thank you guys for coming to Sapporo!

It was fun!
You guys were so heated up, I forgot that it was so cold outside

If it was outdoor the temperature might even go up

Warm it up! Warm it up!

3 days have passed since Sapporo Mania Live, I guess

It was full of memories

Like when I got lost and can’t even get back to our place

It was fun!!!!!

Ah, that’s right

We also went to a batting center with all the staff. They were so good, the average score was pretty good.

But this guy here, he’s the one responsible for lowering our average score

I introduce you, one of our roadie, Taipei! Tadaaa

He has the same age as Timo and Mamitasu, he’s like a pet in our TEAM SCANDAL

He often uses strange words and I can’t even express how unreliable he is. But he’s a lovely kind of person that could woke up your maternal instinct

It’s just, he unleashes that unimaginable voice when we go to karaoke. Death voice, or whatever it’s called, and the loveliness just dissappear instantly

Anyway, at the batting center, he amazes everyone with his unimaginable batting stance!

It was the first time I saw someone uses a bat like he’s holding a sword. I couldn’t even hide the fact that I was surprised! Somehow, I feel deeply moved by that.

Thank you!

Ah, probably he’s been wanting to show everyone how a batting movie would look like

Something like that!

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2011-11-08 09:32:57 Katakana

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It only shows katakana←
Hiragana, katakana, and emoticons shows up like usual.
But kanji conversion doesn’t work, so suggestion won’t even show up←

Just when I was texting TOMOMI
Suddenly this happened
Took a screenshot of it www
Perfect www
It’s fixed now though (^ω^)

Well, our tour is coming to its end.
This time, it’s gonna be a fun and intense performance!
There’s not many left but, Let’s go enjoy the show!
Look forward to it♪

But really
I want you guys to watch us!!
Look forward to it with excitement
just like the excitement when you want to go to an amusement park!!!

It’s just takoyaki on a vending machine
Why does it look so fascinating.


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I’m back (?)

Some of you guys probably know it since yesterday I’ve posted 2 more translation after a friggin’ ONE AND A HALF YEAR!! omgomgomgomgomgomg
Does that mean I’m back at translating? Can you expect me to continue translating until the end of the story?

Well, first of all, let me tell you the reason WHY…Why I decided to continue translating…
WHY? WHY? If humankind have the answer to this question, war wouldn’t even happened, everybody would be happy, and we all live in Japan and watch SCANDAL concert every week…
I was bored… 😛

Yep, work bores me…

Two days ago, I was at the peak of boredomness…
I dunno why, I dunno what happened, my body moved by itself, somehow I opened SCANDAL’s blog again after…weeks, months, I dunno…it was so long that it’s not even registered in my browser’s history!!
The page loads…
“Wait what is this bright light coming out from my monitor??? AAAAGGGGHHHHH, noooooooooo… eyeeeeeeeeeeeesssssssssss!!!! AAARRRRGGGHHHH—————”

When I came to, I was smiling when I read those words, those sentences…
“they haven’t changed”

I never said this before but, I was actually smiling when I’m translating those girls’ blog…
Sometimes I got pissed off too, but in the end I smiled, I laughed, cried…Alone…reading, understanding, re-writing (now that I think about it, I was forever alone all this time!!! omgomgomgomgomgomgomg)
Those memories from that time came back to me after it’s been lost in the flow of time……and the flow of work *sigh*

Then,,I found out that nobody hasn’t been translating SCANDAL’s blog recently, (おつかれさま, my fellow translator) so I decided to a test run with two entries from HARUNA and RINA…to see if people are still interested in these girls’ blog…
I posted this on fb and on SCANDAL-Heaven forum, they were happy to hear this…
What about you?? 😀
Tell me what you think, you guys are my motivations too after all… 😛

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2011-11-08 00:30:37 Letter or Picture

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SCANDAL Munasawagi no AFTER SCHOOL recording went perfectly.
This regular show has been continuing for a long time now.
And each month more and more messages are coming from you guys.
I am so happy.

For fathers listening to the show on their way back home from work,
for students listening to the show even though it’s a little late on the night,
for those who actually drove to the neighboring city just because the show isn’t broadcasted in their city,
I thank you!

As usual,
we had gibberish talks,
we had serious talks,
we had serious musics,
and we want to keep delivering those to you!
The songs we choose this time were super-hot, I thought it’s going to explode in there.←
Thank you for all those nice themes you listeners always send to us.
And also,
the staff reported some interesting stuff on the show’s homepage, be sure to check it out!
The picture are also in high quality. (laugh)
On the other hand,
these next pictures are barely worth seeing.←

I think these are from that time in Sapporo Mania Event.
After we finished recording for radio, Master Artist MAMI suddenly came up with a topic
“A picture of a fish chasing a bait with its mouth open”

Just as you can expect from MAMI-sensei.

Unbelievable strokes.

RINA also did it.

It’d be scary if this thing even exist. No way.
Annoying and effortless.
It looks exactly like that…←
It feels like being yelled at by the fish. Gyogyo.

And then, after talking with MAMI-sensei, she answered,
A person who is good at drawing, isn’t good at writing letters,
A person who is good at writing letters, isn’t good at drawing.
No way,
she even came up with such a kind answer.
I may not look like it,
but I’ve been doing penmanship for almost 5 years.

In the future, in my journey of painting,
the only person I don’t want to be is a mother who make her kids cry. (prays)


Letter as in Kanji, not the one you send through mail… 🙂

And to tell you the truth, I have no idea what RINA was talking from after the second picture… 😦

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2011-11-07 12:50:43 Long time no see!

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Hi everyone! As I told you before, today is Necchuu Stadium broadcast day♪

It starts at 7 pm on BS Premium!
Watch it, oka~y?

By the way, did you watch movies recently?

I haven’t been able to recently, but…

I really want to watch The Three Musketeers right now!
There are actually many films I want to watch, but for now I just wanna go to the cinema♪
I’m thinking of going when I have the time★

And Harry Potter Complete DVD Box will be out on sale tomorrow, so I was thinking of getting one for myself…

Yep, I’m looking forward for tomorrow.

Well then, today we’ll be going for a radio recording!

The photo is taken in Taiwan before the makeover!

It’s been a while so I have no idea what she was talking about.. xD
Anyway she looks beautiful in the picture and I certainly won’t complain about that… ❤

I translated the last part with makeover.
She actually wrote “イメチェン” (imechen) or “image change”. I personally don’t like how it sounds as a sentence, so I put the word “makeover” instead.

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bigbigbigbig apologize!!

Ok, it’s almost a month since I updated this blog…
I want to apologize for not being able to keep up…
You see, I lost to my mood…
I’m such a weak-willed person… >.<

It’s true that I lost my mood translating their blog, but fortunately, the mood to do videos awakened… 🙂
So, as an apologize, I present…no, not me…SCANDALicious! Fansubs presents these two videos…

(click on the thumbs for larger image)

The download link is in the Download page as usual… 😉
It also has dual-audio feature, just hit “A” button if you’re using Media Player Classic… 😉

These are SCANDALicious! Fansubs debut videos… xD
I decided to use that name so that it’s easier to remember and looks cooler… (than just adding “subtitled” at the end of the filename xD)
Anyway, I hope you guys liked it… 🙂

My mood, where are you?? Come back to me please >.<

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2010-02-06 19:41:45 aironi

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HARUNA here ★

Today we were rehearsing for tomorrow’s performance.
It’s our first time in Yokohama BLITZ, so I feel kinda nervous.
But, I want it to be an enjoyable performance!
For everyone who is planning to watch, let’s pump our spirit as high as possible.


Yesterday, I went shopping together with our stylist-san…
She brought me to an IRONY exhibition.
It was so cute!
I don’t know how much I ordered.
The parka I wear in the picture is one of them!
I can hardly wait for them to be delivered ♪

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2010-02-06 18:20:27 Cool!

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RINA here (つ∀`)

I went to studio ☆!
Even though it seems impossible in this very cold weather, these four girls are dripping sweat ε=ε=┏( ・_・)┛

Then, we tried jamming with the staff together \(^^)/
Kagerou, Space Ranger, Maboroshi Night, Yumemiru Tsubasa, etc…
It was an extremely cool rhythm we played (laugh)
No, the tension we felt was really fun w
I want to do it again (*´ω`*)

I took the picture while walking. It seems that there’s something wrong in the air ( 口 ノ)ノ

Title: Shunkan Sentimental

For the sake of our performance, I’ll give my all to sleep at 21 o’clock (laugh) ←
Let’s meet at Yokohama BLITZ tomorrow (^o^)/

(=^・♀・^=) Meow~

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